City of Blue Mountains

The City of Blue Mountains stretches across the Great Dividing Range and provides a major road and rail transport link between urban Sydney and the more rural central west areas of NSW. The transition through a series of distinct Blue Mountains towns and villages over the Great Dividing Range, and the scenic landscapes of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, tells you that you have left the metropolitan area and are travelling through a different and unique place.

The City of Blue Mountains is an historically and environmentally significant Local Government Area, in Australia and internationally. Together, we, the Council and the community, have a responsibility to support, nurture and protect our people and our land – the land traditionally owned by the Darug and Gundungarra Aboriginal peoples.


Households have an Internet connection
Dwellings in our City are separate houses
Businesses in our City are small businesses

Progress & Achievements

The Council has been instrumental in initiating and supporting a diverse range of community, City and Council programs, projects and plans in order that our City be sustainable into the future. Some of these projects include the Blue Mountains Stronger Families Alliance (SFA), Sealing of Unsealed Roads Program, Connect with Nature Programs and the Blue Mountains Resilience and Preparedness Group, for better preparedness of our community in bushfire emergencies and in response to the impacts of bushfires on our people, homes, environment and economy.

In 2016, the Council, together with the community, can look back with pride at the past 16 years' achievements made in all areas of our City. With a particular focus on the last four years, here are some of the key achievements we have made for the City of Blue Mountains.


Key Directions

The Council’s strategic direction in servicing our community – what we do for our City and our people – is grouped into six main areas, which we have termed Key Directions. These six Key Directions are Civic Leadership, Looking After Environment, Using Land, Moving Around and Sustainable Economy. Each Key Direction has a unique vision, values, aspirations and aims, allowing us to set objectives and strategies for each, and measure our achievements accordingly.

Civic Leadership Image Eucalyptus Tree

Civic Leadership

Inspiring leadership

A sustainable city has inspiring civic leadership, which includes all levels of government, community and business providing leadership, and acting in the broader interests of the community.


Looking After Environment Image Yellow Banksia

Looking After Environment

An environmentally responsible city

An environmentally responsible city is concerned with the human impact on the natural environment and how resources are used. The natural environment is valued for its intrinsic nature and role in maintaining all forms of life.


Looking After People Image Mother and Child in Park

Looking After People

An inclusive, healthy and vibrant city

An inclusive, healthy and vibrant city is concerned with the well-being of all residents. It plans for and meets diverse needs, providing people with access to the basic resources required to live.


Using Land Blue Mountains Aerial View

Using Land

A liveable city

A liveable city provides safe, healthy and vital spaces and places for people of all ages and abilities. Through creative planning and design, the development of unique and vibrant places is fostered.


Moving Around Image Family Cycling

Moving Around

An accessible city

An accessible city makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to move around and access services and facilities, work and recreation. It provides accessible pathways of travel leading to accessible places and spaces.


Sustainable Economy Image Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

Sustainable Economy

An economically sustainable city

An economically sustainable city facilitates a diverse, robust and environmentally friendly local economy that benefits local residents.