The City of Blue Mountains stretches across the Great Diving Range and provides a major road and rail transport link between urban Sydney and the more rural central west areas of NSW. The transition through a series of distinct Blue Mountains towns and villages over the Great Dividing Range, and the scenic landscapes of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, tells you that you have left the metropolitan area and are travelling through a different and unique place.

Two hundred years after Europeans crossed the Blue Mountains there are still many Aboriginal people with traditional connections to this ‘Country’, living in the region. There are also vast amounts of cultural sites in the Blue Mountains that not only illustrate Aboriginal cultural heritage but are an important legacy for present and future generations of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.


City of Blue Mountains

With a population of close to 80,000, the City of Blue Mountains stretches across the Great Diving Range and provides a major road and rail transport link between Metropolitan Sydney and the Central West of NSW. We are a growing community, a city of families and older people.

We are ageing at a faster rate than Greater Sydney. The Blue Mountains is an affordable area for living, with excellent facilities for families and a safe and caring community atmosphere.



Sustainable Blue Mountains

Since 2000, the Council has set out the vision and aspirations of the community for the City of Blue Mountains to achieve. This vision and these aspirations have stemmed from the one vision for a more sustainable Blue Mountains – environmentally, socially and economically.

In partnership with the community, the Council led the way to achieve this vision and we have defined it as ‘Sustainable Blue Mountains’. In 2003, we developed a 25–year City Vision and Map for Action: Towards a More Sustainable Blue Mountains.

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Our Vision

The Council has a vision for our City as well as for the livelihood and future of our community and all Blue Mountains residents. Valuing our people and our place is crucial in achieving our Council Vision to build a successful future for the Blue Mountains.

The community has a vision also, one that has united the Council and the community of the Blue Mountains in a common goal, to achieve a more sustainable Blue Mountains.

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Role of the Council

The role of the Council is critical in the implementation of our strategies and objectives to achieve a more sustainable Blue Mountains. The Council as steward, leader and advocate, service provider and asset manager is important to understand for our City in a World Heritage National Park.

The Council is committed to working together with the community and other levels of government to ensure we deliver on our promises and support a vibrant, healthy and sustainable City for future generations.

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