The role of the Council is critical in the implementation of our strategies and objectives to achieve a more sustainable Blue Mountains, as well as in realising our vision to build a successful future for the Blue Mountains. The Council is committed to working together with the community and other levels of government to ensure we deliver on our promises and support a vibrant, healthy and sustainable City for future generations.

In partnership with the community, Blue Mountains City Council led the way in 2003 with the development of its 25–year City Vision and Map for Action: Towards a More Sustainable Blue Mountains. Since then, the Community Strategic Plan for the City of Blue Mountains has been updated every four years. It is this Community Strategic Plan that underpins our work.


The Council as Steward

The Blue Mountains is one of only two cities in the world surrounded by a World Heritage Area and sits within the Sydney drinking water catchment servicing 1.7 million people.

This unique position presents additional responsibilities and costs for the Council as steward of a City in a World Heritage National Park. This includes managing the impact of development on the environment, protecting and conserving world heritage natural values and protecting the health of drinking water catchments.


The Council as Leader and Advocate

The Council leads the governance and management of a City with an area of 1,431 square kilometres and a population of close to 80,000 spread across 27 towns and villages.

The Council engages, consults and partners with community on their needs and required levels of service, advocates to other levels of government for services and funding and works in a multitude of ways to improve the well-being of our community and financial sustainability of our City.


The Council as Service Provider

The Council allocates over $100 million each year to the provision of an extensive range of services to meet community needs and priorities. The Council more than matches every dollar paid by ratepayers for service delivery with funding from other sources, including grants.

Services provided by the Council to the City of Blue Mountains include transport and public access, waste resource management, town centres, community development, emergency management, economic development, sport and recreation, family day care and libraries and information, for example.


The Council as Asset Manager

The Council is responsible for managing significant natural assets that underpin the identity and health of the region.

The natural environment managed by the Council includes 10,000 hectares of bushland, 300 kilometres of creeks, 20 hectares of open freshwater bodies and 500 hectares of Endangered Ecological communities.

Supporting the delivery of services, the Council manages over $1 billion worth of built assets. The maintenance and renewal of these assets is critical to sustaining our quality of life and meeting the needs of residents and visitors to the City.

Our Built Assets

  • 678 km sealed roads
  • 74 km unsealed roads
  • 175 km footpaths
  • 31 bridges
  • 105 parks
  • 66 playing courts
  • 17 pools in five locations
  • 6 skate parks
  • 15 public halls and meeting places
  • 1 cultural centre
  • 1 theatre and community hub
  • 151 bus shelters
  • 11 child care and preschool buildings
  • 523 km kerb and gutter
  • 7,935 drainage pits
  • 120 km walking tracks
  • 22 sports grounds
  • 6 libraries
  • 28 emergency buildings
  • 88 public toilets
  • 9 cemeteries
  • 2 waste management facilities
  • 1 dam
  • 1 commuter car park