Inspiring leadership

Together We Lead

A sustainable city has inspiring civic leadership, which includes all levels of government, community and business providing leadership, and acting in the broader interests of the community.

It embraces leadership in public affairs and human actions affecting the whole community.

It aspires to transform local communities into better places for all residents to live.

Values, Aspirations and Aims

We value our inspirational civic and community leadership whose stewardship and decision-making, benefits present and future Blue Mountains residents.

Our leaders work effectively with the community and other agencies to achieve a more sustainable Blue Mountains, environmentally, socially and economically.


Objective 6.1 The Council lives responsibly within its means and strengthens its financial sustainability

Objective 6.2 The Council provides transparent, fair and accountable civic leadership

Objective 6.3 The community is informed, consulted and engaged

Objective 6.4 The Council provides value for money services

Objective 6.5 The Council, other levels of government and the community work together to implement Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025

Objective 6.6 Sustainable services, assets and infrastructure are provided in the City

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Other levels of government and the community working with the Council to implement the Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan;
  • Continuing to strengthen the financial sustainability of the Council through implementing the Six Strategies for Financial Sustainability, ensuring NSW Government Fit for the Future targets are met by 2020;
  • Continue strengthening the Council’s skills, capacity and systems for sustainably managing over $1 billion worth of built assets and significant natural assets;
  • Many NSW councils, including Blue Mountains City Council, have not been able to fund required built infrastructure renewal and maintenance due to the following:
    • Costs increasing greater than revenue;
    • While Local Government is responsible for delivering approximately 36% of the nation’s infrastructure it only receives approximately 3% of national taxation revenue;
    • Constrained capacity for local government to increase rate revenue as a result of NSW Government-imposed rate pegging over the past 38 years, limiting the amount by which councils can increase their rates – irrespective of the amount real costs have risen; and
    • Significant additional cost burdens from the shifting of responsibilities from Federal and State Governments to Local Government without corresponding funding.
  • Continuing to ensure effective engagement and consultation of the community in civic and City matters; and
  • The Council continuing its focus on reviewing its service delivery and resource allocation to ensure value for money and maximising outcomes for the community.

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