An accessible city

Together We Move

An accessible city makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to move around and access services and facilities, work and recreation. It provides accessible pathways of travel leading to accessible places and spaces.

An accessible built environment is well designed and inclusive. It benefits everyone, increasing their participation in the community and in the local economy. The environmentally friendly accessible city maximises sustainable choices for moving around – reducing reliance on cars and promoting the use of less polluting means of transport such as public transport, walking and cycling.

Values, Aspirations and Aims

We value safe and accessible pathways of travel for all, that improve our connections with destinations and each other.

We have sustainable choices for safe and environmentally friendly transport, including networks of walkways and cycle ways, integrated with reliable and accessible public transport.

Through better management and creative urban design, the Great Western Highway is a safe, accessible and beautiful space that adds to our local amenity, economy and World Heritage identity.

By 2025, we are a more accessible City.


Objective 3.1 Integrated accessible and sustainable choices are provided for moving around

Objective 3.2 The City has a safe, well-designed and maintained network of roads

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Funding for the required renewal of transport and accessibility infrastructure;
  • The highway is a primary freight route and the number of heavy vehicles using it is increasing;
  • Road freight volume is forecast to double in NSW by 2031 (NSW Freight Strategy 2013);
  • Our ageing population will require improved accessibility in all travel options, including walking, driving and public transport;
  • Increase in car ownership and decrease in public transport uses undermines ability to argue for improved public transport options;
  • Providing evacuation routes for emergencies;
  • Potential development of Western Sydney airport at Badgerys creek may increase demand for commuter parking and require new or improved public transport links;
  • More accessible public transport and parking spaces, in particular at stations that have lifts;
  • Expansion of the footpath network to improve options for walking and access to local services and leisure; and
  • Not all our train stations are wheelchair accessible.

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