An economically sustainable city

Together We Thrive

An economically sustainable city facilitates a diverse, robust and environmentally friendly local economy that benefits local residents.

Sustainable businesses and industries that have minimal impact on the natural environment are encouraged and supported.

A vibrant city encourages and facilitates a variety of sustainable industries, enterprises and businesses.

Values, Aspirations and Aims

We value business and industries that are in harmony with our surrounding World Heritage environment. We are recognised as a Centre of Excellence for sustainability that strives to create significant employment and educational opportunities.

Through responsible economic development we have strengthened and diversified our local economy. We are a leader in sustainable business and industry. Young people are attracted to work, live and study in the Blue Mountains.

By 2025, our local economy is stronger and more sustainable.


Objective 5.1 The Blue Mountains economy is vibrant and strong with increased local employment

Objective 5.2 The City is recognised nationally as an innovative learning region within a World Heritage Area

Objective 5.3 The City of Blue Mountains is a model for sustainable local business and tourism

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Increasing local employment opportunities within the Blue Mountains;
  • Strengthening the economic base of the City through increasing the range of sustainable industries;
  • Increasing the duration and number of overnight visitors;
  • Improving engagement with growing Asian tourist market;
  • Developing a strong regional tourism organisation;
  • Implement major investment in tourism infrastructure;
  • Building on the strength of the creative industries;
  • Recognising the service opportunities for older adults;
  • Using the skill base of residents to attract a greater range of businesses and employment opportunities;
  • Supporting home-based businesses;
  • Ensuring the City has the required infrastructure to support sustainable economic development;
  • NBN fibre to node version may not be adequate to support business, a subsidy may be required for businesses that require fibre to fibre connections;
  • The Eastern Escarpment near Glenbrook provides an opportunity to develop an integrated tourism location, building on the Southern Escarpment model;
  • Promoting the Blue Mountains as a Clean Green brand with associated environmental benefits; and
  • Developing a city resilience strategy to enable businesses and community to cope and adapt to shocks such as natural disasters and tourism downturns.

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