Blue Mountains City Council is proud of its achievements over the past 16 years since we first introduced our Community Vision of a more Sustainable Blue Mountains. Together with the community, other levels of government and partnering agencies, these achievements have been realised.

Building strong ties to our heritage, our people and our land is critical to being recognised as a leader in governance.


Key Achievements

The Council has been declared “Fit for the Future” by the NSW State Government, one of only seven councils so declared in the Sydney region.

The implementation of our Six Strategies for Financial Sustainability since 2012 has seen the improvement of our City’s financial position. Further to this, community endorsement of a special rate variation in 2014 has enabled the Council to further improve assets, protect our environment and support our position as a City in a World Heritage National Park.

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Data Sheets

In order to assess progress made in each of our key directions, data is obtained through online and face-to-face community surveys, as well as forums and other research tools. The results of these surveys and research is presented in data sheets which are listed and made public for the community to view on the following page.

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The Council is instrumental in initiating and supporting a diverse range of projects and plans for our City. The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2015 is significant. It enables the protection and management of our City’s natural and built environment. Continued investment in tourism supports our economic sustainability and upgrades to our infrastructure such as roads is crucial for the transport and accessibility needs of our community and visitors.

Health and well-being projects support all Blue Mountains’ people, people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, life stages, incomes and socio-economic needs.

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