In 2016, the Council and the community can look back with pride at the past 16 years’ achievements made in all areas of our City. With a particular focus on the last four years, here are some of the key achievements we have made for the City of Blue Mountains.

Civic Leadership

  • Led the October 2013 bushfire recovery on behalf of the NSW Government;
  • Achieved a ‘Fit for Future’ council result in 2015 (one of only seven councils in the Sydney region);
  • Substantially improved the financial sustainability of the City and the Council through implementing our Six Strategies for Financial Sustainability;
  • Engaged the community on options for ‘Resourcing Our Future’ resulting in a community endorsement for a special rate variation;
  • Developed the Regional Strategic Alliance with Penrith and Hawkesbury councils;
  • Implemented best value service reviews including Sealing of Unsealed Roads, Visitor Information Centres, Tourist Parks, Bulky Waste Pick-up and Fleet;
  • Successfully advocated to the State Government to retain key elements to protect our character and environment in the Local Environmental Plan 2015; and
  • Advocated to the State and Federal Governments on the potential adverse impact of the proposed Western Sydney Airport.

Looking After Environment

  • Implemented projects to maintain health and diversity of Blue Mountains native flora, fauna, habitat and ecosystems;
  • Monitored the health of Blue Mountains waterways and water catchments;
  • Upgraded the Blaxland Resource Recovery and Waste Management Facility to extend the life of the facility, increase resource recovery and protect the environment;
  • Introduced new household resource recovery and waste services including a green bin collection for garden vegetation and a new-booked bulky waste collection service and kerbside chipping service;
  • Significantly reduced the amount of waste to landfill per resident;
  • Invested in looking after our natural and cultural heritage including upgrade of the Mount York Heritage Conservation Reserve and the Gully Interpretive Walk, Katoomba;
  • Worked with community and all levels of government to manage and reduce the impact of the City of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area; and
  • Supported and facilitated the work of over 500 conservation volunteers working on Swampcare, Bushcare, Streamwatch, Trackcare and Landcare.

Looking After People

  • Supported community health and wellbeing through provision of community, cultural, recreational and sporting services and facilities;
  • Contributed to caring and inclusive community through supporting 2013 bushfire recovery process, becoming a Refugee Welcome Zone, celebrating National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week and International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT);
  • Led and facilitated the Blue Mountains Stronger Families Alliance (SFA);
  • Supported community development for people of all cultures, ages and life stages, including people with disabilities and their carers;
  • Supported the Blue Mountains being a vibrant centre of culture, creativity and life-long learning;
  • Completed major new community and cultural facilities including the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub at Springwood, the Hazelwood Childcare Centre and the refurbishment of the Heatherbrae facility in Lawson;
  • Completed skate parks in Katoomba, the upgrade of Glenbrook Swimming Pool as an all year Learn to Swim facility and supported the Katoomba Street Art Walk project; and
  • Contributed to a safer community through the Crime Prevention Plan for the Blue Mountains in partnership with key agencies and organisations.

Using Land

  • Managed the impact of development on the built and natural environment;
  • Completed the Local Environmental Plan 2015 and accompanying Development Control Plan 2015, and successfully advocated to State Government to retain provisions for protection of the City’s village character and natural environment;
  • Strengthened liveability, vibrancy and safety of towns and villages;
  • Redeveloped Lawson town centre and provided pubic domain infrastructure and landscaping following highway widening;
  • Provided new toilet amenities and upgraded toilet facilities in key areas;
  • Implementing town centre cleansing, landscaping and beautification works;
  • Completed master plans for Springwood town centre, the upgrade of Pioneer Place, Katoomba and for Blackheath town centre;
  • Re-established eight Alcohol Free Zones in town centres; and
  • Supported the rebuilding and restoring of bushfire affected homes and infrastructure.

Moving Around

  • Resealed and maintained the City’s extensive road network;
  • Implemented the Sealing of Unsealed Roads Program resulting in improved service to residents and reducing on-going maintenance costs;
  • Developed key accessibility and transport plans and policies, including the Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan, the Road Reseal Policy, the Bike Plan and options for managing the impact of tourist buses on Leura town centre;
  • Supported the provision of improved parking within town centres and at key destinations;
  • Provided sustainable choices for moving around through the provision of footpaths and bike paths, including the Great Blue Mountains Trail and upgrades to commuter car parks at Glenbrook and Hazelbrook;
  • Supported community transport through provision of a community access bus in partnership with GREAT Community Transport; and
  • Coordinated the Blue Mountains Integrated Transport Forum and the Local Traffic Committee.

Sustainable Economy

  • Supported a vibrant and strong economy to increase local employment;
  • Established the Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise to strengthen and diversify the local economy;
  • Secured a National Stronger Regions Grant of $3.592 million to revitalise Katoomba Falls precinct and the Southern Scenic Escarpment;
  • Contributed to the development of a sustainable tourism industry through Visitor Information Centres and investment in nature-based recreational facilities and lookouts, a range of amenities, infrastructure and services in towns, recreation and tourism precincts;
  • Worked closely with Destination NSW, the Blue Mountains, the Blue Mountains, The Regional Strategic Alliance and the tourism industry to explore options for a sustainable regional tourism model into the future;
  • Provided a competitive advantage for local made produce and handcrafted products through creation of the MTNS MADE brand;
  • Supported our status as an innovative learning region within a World Heritage Area through cultural programs, community-learning activities, exhibitions and performances; and
  • Supported youth and community employment initiatives including the Green Army team.